Slender Pale

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Based in the moonshining inland of Sweden.

Slender Pale is proud of their strong influences from classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Our mission is to bring back what makes Hard Rock great, nothing overproduced or mainstream.

Just turning into a trio Slender Pale has found their right format, nowhere to hide, you just have to deliver every second.

· Pelle GUS Gustavsson – Vocal och Bass

· Nenne Wallin – Guitar

· Lennie Gunshot Andersson - Drums

When people use Motörhead as a reference we say thanks, because that’s just the attitude and persistence we would like to be recognized by.

“Live” is where we shine and what we love! Slender Pale has been supporting great bands like Corroded and Dead By April.


World Fucking Domination!



  • Dec 30 2017 Lilla Helfvetet, Mora, Swe
  • Apr 07 2018 Dala Open Stage, Borlänge, Swe
  • Apr 07 2018 Level, Booze & Burgers, Uppsala, Swe
  • May 26 2018 Lilla Helfvetet, Mora, Swe
  • June 8 2018 Seaside Festival, Falun, Swe
  • Aug 10 2018 Music & Motor Festival, Älvdalen, Swe
  • Aug 18 2018 Dalkarlsjammet, Säter, Swe
  • Aug 25 2018 Kings Arms, Falun, Swe
  • Sept 15 2018 Domsaga, Sundsvall, Swe
  • Jan 13 2019 Fryshuset Borlänge, Swe (Livekarusellen)
  • Feb 16 2019 Lilla Helfvetet, Mora, Swe
  • Aug 09 2019 Music & Motor Festival, Älvdalen, Swe
  • Aug 10 2019 House Of Blues, Borlänge, Swe. Supporting Cryonic Temple.
  • Sept 20 2019 Levels Rockbar, Uppsala, Swe
  • Sept 21 2019 Wrangelska Rocks, Sala, Swe
  • Oct 12 2019 Lilla Helfvetet, Mora, Swe. Supporting The International Sinners.
  • Dec 12 2019 Pub Anchor, Stockholm, Swe.
  • TBA 2020   Dixie Twins, Vallentuna, Swe
  • TBA 2020  The Bear Pub, Mora, Swe
  • July 18 2020 Ramblers MC, Private
  • Aug 7 2020 Music & Motor Festival, Älvdalen, Swe
  • Aug 12 2020 Pub Anchor, Stockholm, Swe

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Born: 1968

Gear: Maruszczyk (custom) Jake, Hagstöm Super Swede  Tech-21 GED-2112 Preamp,

PDD 1200 Power amp and two Hiwatt 4X10 Cabs. AKG wireless. Rotosound Stainless steel 45-105.

Influenses: Geddy Lee, Lemmy, Geezer Butler, Bob Daisly, Duff Mckagan, Tom Hamilton.

Drinks: Carlsberg Hof, Fullers Ale, Jack D'.



Born: 1973

Gear: Marshall amp, BaCH & Schecter Guitars, Digitech FX, AKG wireless and a cool hat.

Influenses: Alex Lifeson, Eddie Van Halen, Phil Campbell.

Drinks: Jack Daniel’s & Beer.


Born: 1988

Gear: Tama drums, Paiste cymbals, Pro-Mark sticks

Influenses: Scott Travis, Mikkey Dee, Adde Andreasson, Neil Peart, Randy Castillo.

Drinks: Mostly IPA, APA and Lager


Call us: +46 70-33 68 244

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